ESG in the Supply Chain: Risks, Opportunities and Disclosure

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ESG risks in supply chains are a big deal. The Society’s new paper “ESG in the Supply Chain” explains the key issues, why they matter and how to disclose. The Society and ERM—a leading global ESG consultancy—look at deforestation, climate change, forced labor and the leading disclosure frameworks like SASB/TCFD.

The Society is an invaluable resource for sustainability/ESG executives, in-house counsel, board members or anyone seeking to connect ESG with governance.  We deliver the insight and connectivity corporate secretaries, outside counsel, sustainability/ESG executives and investors need in a time of rapid change and increasing expectations around ESG.  If ESG is now—or will be soon—a key issue for your company, the Society can help you tackle it.   

Join the Society’s Sustainability Practices Committee to meet colleagues and contacts from other companies and roles. Gain access to best in class programming—webinars, conferences and papers—that will answer questions that will help you do your job better. Ask questions of peers and get practical usable answers.  Participate in and get survey results that will help you understand how your company is performing.  

The Society regularly provides public company members opportunities to hear from and interact with the most influential investors in the US and around the world.  Stay up-to-date in the rapidly changing investor expectation regarding environmental and social disclosure and board governance expectations. 

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